Generic+Plus API

The AuricVault® Payments Passthrough option converts a generic API into payment processor specific transactions while providing you with access to detailed payment processor response information.

A generic API provides you with a consistent interface into multiple payment processors. Responses are standardized across all payment processors. Auric’s Generic+Plus API returns processor-specific information in addition to the standardized responses. This gives you access to the full set of processor responses if you need them. This capability is vital for businesses looking to take full advantage of services provided by each payment processor.

Another unique feature of the Generic+Plus API is the ability to see what data was sent to/received from the payment processor. This data (properly sanitized for PCI compliance before being returned) simplifies support discussions you may have directly with your payment processor. No other gateway allows you to track the actual conversation with the payment processor.

This Generic+Plus philosophy is an outgrowth of our 26+ years of building payment applications and services.