Legacy Functionality

The initial proxy release had functionality that generally maps to the current Detokenize Pull Request functionality. This functionality is now deprecated. Auric will continue to support the legacy functionality until 1 January 2021 or until all current clients are migrated to the new, general-purpose, functionality.

Auric recommends all clients plan to migrate during 2020.

Contact support@AuricSystems.com if you have questions regarding the legacy functionality.

Functional Differences

  • Requests do not need to submit the HTTP trace id header. A trace ID is generated if it is not provided.

  • The response returns both the X-VAULT-TRACE-ID (legacy) and X-VAULT-TRACE-UID (modern) HTTP headers.

  • The response returns both the X-Processor-Elapsed (legacy) and X-Destination-Elapsed (modern) HTTP headers. The name has been changed from ‘processor’ to ‘destination’ to reflect that destinations can be any type of web service.

  • The X-PCI-PROXY-ERROR HTTP header is now returned when the proxy itself has an error or if there is a communication problem with the destination.

    This allows you to distinguish between status codes returned from the proxy and status codes returned from the destination.

Legacy Production URLs