Deprecated Features

Deprecated API Calls


Replaced by get_decrypt_session and get_encrypt_session.

The get_session API call allows you to both encrypt and decrypt data. The newer get_decrypt_session and get_encrypt_session restrict your browser-side functionality to what is defined in the get_xxx_session API call. The get_decrypt_session also limits which token can be decrypted on the browser.

The session_encrypt and session_decrypt methods designed to run in the browser require that the server first obtain a sessionId. This sessionId is then included in the HTML page presented to the user. The sessionId is used by the browser-side methods in lieu of explicit credentials. This allows API access from the browser without exposing credentials.


The sessionId can only be used once and must be used within ten (10) minutes of being created.

Sample Request
{"params": [{
    "mtid": "123",
    "configurationId": "abc",
    "utcTimestamp": "1401313120",
    "retention": "big-year",
    "segment": "543"}],
 "id": 1,
 "method": "get_session"}
Sample Response