Tokenize What Matters®

The AuricVault® tokenization service is a PCI and HIPAA compliant data storage service that associates tokens with secure encrypted data. The encrypted data can be stored, retrieved, updated, and deleted. A tiered permission system provides controlled sharing of sensitive information with third parties while tracking access to the data by user and date/time. Retention policies allow automatic aging-out of data when it is no longer accessed.

The tokenization service is an ideal storage solution for any sensitive data:

  • credit/debit card numbers

  • bank accounts

  • Personally Identifiable Information

  • Names

  • Addresses

  • License/certificate numbers

  • Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers – license plates.

  • Birth dates

  • Phone/Fax numbers

  • Email address

  • Health insurance beneficiary numbers

  • Policy Numbers

  • Social Security Numbers

  • Tax Ids

  • Protected Health Information

  • Medical Id

  • Addresses

  • Names

  • passwords hashes

  • Security tokens (such as OAUTH2)

Tokenization creates data separation. Your sensitive data is stored separately from your general business data. Data separation is an active component of any security plan.